The mass screening tool anyone can use.

Built on more than a decade of global experience, Hydra is a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that can be customized to support the data needs of any mass screening program. Its additional features let organizations track, manage and allocate costs and resources, while configuring the system to meet your data needs.


Create your own program workflows and forms to easily adapt the system to your specific needs. No programming effort required.

Contact Tracing

Collect data for infectious disease contacts and bulk-enrolled contacts as patients.

Patient Scheduling

Schedule follow-ups and appointments for your patients.

Audio-Video Calling

Establish direct contact with patients as required.

Screening Event Management

Schedule mass screening events easily and track cost and patient yield per event.

Security and Data Privacy

Decide who has access to what features and data.

Works offline

Tailored for use in settings where power and network connectivity are unreliable.