Digital hospital solution

Baham is an open source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution that works to optimize facility-based hospital/patient management. With existing infrastructure, Baham allows organizations to immediately leverage paperless services, automated clinical workflows and a 24/7 support helpline.

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Baham has been implemented in 50+ countries at over 400 implementation sites. The system has been used by over 4,000 professionals and hosts over 2 million patient records.

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patient records

Through Baham, facilities can manage


Paperless software provides an efficient, secure billing system for administrative use and revenue management.


System tracks medications and prescriptions allowing quick access to information and dispensing to patients.

Medical Records

Improving clinical care by consolidating extensive patient histories for swift access and creating more personal experiences with patients.

Lab Information System

Processes, stores and manages data through all stages of medical practices, optimizing clinical activities, outcomes and results .

Bed Management

Streamlining management of patient admission and placement for cohesive facility-based operations.

Slip Printing

Seamless comprehensive patient, account and treatment information.