Smart solutions for health impact

  • Interactive Health Solution's mission is to aid social development by fostering equitable access to modern technologies for underserved communities.

  • What we do

    Technology that empowers programs to increase impact, systematically scale and provide key insight to redefine the way you approach health care in low resource communities.

    Mobile Applications

    With the number of global mobile users to reach almost 5.3 billion, mobile technology offers a high-reach, cost-efficient method for making healthcare more accessible, affordable and effective across the developing world.

    Mobile health (mhealth) applications have the capacity to close the information gap in unreachable areas by empowering health workers and facilitating health systems in real-time data collection, screening, monitoring and analysis.

    IHS is working to leverage existing mobile phone infrastructure to improve the quality of health care and redefine how public health is diagnosed, monitored and treated.

    Electronic Medical Records

    Many health facilitators in developing countries rely on outdated, poorly designed databases to help manage patient data which creates a myriad of anomalies.
    Electronic Medical Systems (EMRs) serve a transformational tool in low-resource environments that systemize the collection of patient and population electronically, and act as a paperless data source for health care administrators. Not only do EMRs improve the accuracy and quality of data recorded, but they provide a smooth workflow that enhances access to a patient’s data for continued monitoring and care – which significantly improves the efficiency of treatment.

    IHS is working on efficient EMR systems that enable better decision-making and provide more coordinated care.

    SMS Communication

    Short Message Service (SMS) messages offer a cost-efficient and scalable method of delivering a wide array of outreach services. SMS technology has the potential to bridge the healthcare communication gap in countries facing profound communicative and geographic barriers. Integrating this simple mobile health concept into existing technologies has increased compliance by encouraging individuals to play a participative role in the health management process.

    IHS is working to build SMS-based interventions in real time that create a link to millions of previously unconnected individuals and strengthen the connection between last-mile communities and health facilities.

  • Meet our team

    We are a group that combines technical prowess,
    experience, creativity and a passion to create
    technology that improves global health


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